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EAP of the Year Award

What is the EAP of the Year Award?

The award qualifications are as follows:

* The nominee/recipient has exhibited the highest standards of professional ethics.

* The nominee/recipient has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the provision of or management of EAP services.

* The nominee/recipient has served the profession through activities that benefit the association and field of employee assistance.

EAP of the Year Award Recipients

2005 - Mike Cipressi
2006 - Bert Alicea
2007 - Veronica Owens
2008 - Steve Garnham
2009 - Kelly Gallagher
2010 - Kristin Shaner
2011 - Jack Shirley
2012 - Jim Nestor
2013 - Pat Hoffmann
2014 - Brendan Young
2015 - Eric Griffin-Shelley

CLICK HERE to submit a nomination for next year!

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