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Pat Curran Award

What is the Pat Curran Award?

Pat's career started at Eagleville Hospital in 1976, as an aide working in the clinical side of drug and alcohol treatment. She then went to Lower Kensington Environmental Center (now Northeast Treatment Center), working as a therapist with adolescents. Her next stop was at The Bridge, again working with adolescents.

The challenges kept getting larger, and Pat showed the treatment community she was the woman for the job. She went to Guiffre Medical Center (now North Philadelphia Health Systems), as the Director of the Women's Program. This was to be the focus and passion of her energies. She was instrumental in re-energizing The Pennsylvania Women's Task Force on Addictions. She was the driving force.

After Pat left Guiffre, she went to the Caron Foundation, as the Marketing Representative for the Delaware Valley, then on to the Malvern Institute, in the same capacity. Along the way Pat earned her undergraduate degree, became a Certified Addictions Counselor, as well as a CEAP. She was an early member of ALMACA, the predecessor of EAPA.

Some reflection: Pat brought a passion and a laser-like ability to get to the core of a problem. She had a unique quality of caring for the individual, but never losing sight of the goal - RECOVERY. She took the time to listen, and be a friend, help you achieve what was needed, not wanted, and showed you the way.

Pat was married to Joe Curran.   Pat gave birth to her first child Jaime, in 1982, and her second child Katie, in 1986. Pat passed away October 20, 1994, of cardiac arrhythmia.

The Pat Curran Award is presented each year in recognition of service to this chapter, of devotion to the EAP profession, love and dedication to clients and sincerity in forging connections with everyone you meet.

Pat Curran Award recipients

1995 - Frank Carney
1996 - Frank Walls
1997 - Bill Lundgren
1998 - Fran Patterson
1999 - Tom Hudson (posthumously)
2000 - Jack Shirley
2001 - Rich Buxton
2002 - Jim Nestor
2003 - Eric Griffin-Shelley
2004 - John Offidani
2005 - Joy Pettitt
2006 - Paula Thomas deLong
2007 - Jim Duffy
2008 - Linda Degnan
2009 - Tom Connell
2010 - Karl Sprow
2011 - Joe Curran
2012 - Chuck Turchi
2013 - James Pappas
2014 - Dickie Noles
2015 - Christopher Scheiblein
2016 - Sue Bright
2017 - John Rooney

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